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On the List: Vintage Stitches & Stenciled Dishes

12 Jul

Oh the goodies I have found online this week! It’s an exciting mix and I’m going to get right to it.

Vintage Embroidery Pattern

I stumbled on this adorable pattern from doe-c-doe early in the week. My embroidery skills are still in their infancy and it’s cute little details like these that has me motivated to get to the next level. There is just something about vintage images that melt my heart.

Soap Making

I don’t know why but as soon as I realize something can be made from hand at home I can’t wait to dive right in. Judging from the popularity of all DIY topics I can tell its something a lot of us share.

When I saw this review of a book about making soap from Craft Critique I had to tell myself not to jump the gun. I just picked up a book on another hand made project (more about that later) and I have to tell myself, often, that you can only do so much at once. So making soap is now on the list.

Trick out Your Blog

I’m always on the look out for ways to improve Off the List. When I decided to start up a blog I knew there was a lot of work in store. I am now just starting to see that working on the blog’s appearance and layout is an on going thing.

My 3 Monsters did up a post with tons of advice and links for different aspects you can put into your blog to make it stand out and make a statement.

Using Martha Punches for Pillow Stencils

I’ve always been a bit of a Martha snob. I didn’t really GET why everyone was so excited about the whole Martha empire thing. Slowly I’m being converted to the dark side. I started peeking around The Crafts Department and came across a little post about stenciling. I didn’t find it all that exciting, same old information about using freezer paper, but then I saw these pillows.

Those punches are flipping expensive. Even when you pick them up on clearance. But they do have some amazing design and detail and now that I have another great use for them (other than just paper craft) I can justify spending the money a little easier.

They also have a little post about using the punches in a similar way to add very pretty details to glasses using etching cream. Such an easy way to dress up plain dishes!

A great week of crafty finds.

I had a little splurge shopping at Michael’s this week and Luke pointed out a whole section of clearance books. I picked up one on paper making. Its filled with a lot of detail information about the scientific aspects as well as pages and pages on the history of the ancient craft.

As much as the nerd in me loves reading that kind of stuff I’ll admit that I breezed past all of it the first time to get to the step-by-step process. I can’t describe how excited I am at the possibilities. I’ll have a full post up later to share all the info so be sure to check back!

Happy Sunday.