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On the List: Catching Up to Crocheting

19 Jul

Wooo Weee what a week it has been. I had a VERY large wedding cake to do and it completely took over all aspects of my life (and most of Luke’s). Cakes are one of those things…. they can be very stressful when you are in the middle of pounds of buttercream, but once they are all put together and delivered… magic.

My paper project got put on  hold, but that didn’t stop me from finding a few new projects to add to the list.

Cake Pops

So pretty much everyone in the universe knows about Bakerella’s Cake Pops. Most of us have found some time to make our own.

What can I say, I’m a little behind everyone else in this respect. But I have tons of cake scraps left from the wedding cake and enough icing that I’m going to attempt whipping up my very first batch. Now I just need to decide on how I want to decorate them…..

Wishpot for Organizing

I’ve talked about Creature Comfort’s Guide to Better Blogging before. Such an amazing series of posts to help out newer bloggers. In the most recent post Ez shares some of her own tips and tricks to stay organized.

I believe organizing is the only way to stay productive in any area of life (at least for me) and I’m excited to try out EZ’s recommendation of wishpot to keep track of all links and content that catch your eye.

Restoring a House in the City

Luke and I caught the author of Restoring a House in the City being featured on the local channel on our television quickly. We don’t have cable and seldom actually watch any random t.v. shows, but this one caught our eye.

Ingrid Abramovitch is a journalist who has worked with various publications, including Martha Stewart Living. Her new book, Restoring a House in the City is full of beautiful photos and  practical information on how to retrofit an old home while keeping and enhancing the character.

*sigh* I could spend hours dreaming of renovating an old Victorian home. I’m lucky enough to live in a city with a wealth of history, and no shortage of old homes that could use some love. Until the day comes when Luke and I can buy one and reclaim it for modern times I’m going to pick up this book and pour over it.

Crochet Chevron Blanket Pattern

As hard as I try to tell myself not to start up too many new things at once I have been seeing so many amazing crochet patterns around that I’m starting to catch the bug.

I love the look of this chevron blanket from Coats Crafts, it would look so simple and elegant in tone on tone or really eye popping in some bright contrasting colours.

I’m excited to be done that wedding cake and be able to move on to some other projects. Now maybe I can get around to that paper making!