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On the List: Learning and Yearning

4 Jul

Small Stitches Embroidery E-Book

I recently blog hopped onto polka & bloom blog. So pretty! I love everything about this blog, the colours, the layout, the amazing patterns (some are even free).

I just picked up an embroidery needle for the first time recently and I’ve got a long way to go. I want the Small Stitches Embroidery E-Book to help me get there.

I love the idea of E-Books. It’s great to get information online (being paper free and all) and I love that paying the modest $10.64 price helps to support an amazing crafts person who has taken their time to share their talent with the rest of us.

Sewing 101: Piping

I’m almost as new to sewing as I am to embroidery. I owe so much to the generosity of more experienced sewers. Almost everything I know has come from blogs. Here’s one of the next techniques that I’d like to get under my belt: Piping. Design Sponge has a great step-by-step (full of pics) on the topic.

Christmas Stockings

Once I’ve figured out how to do some embroidery and add a piping finish I might try use those techniques on this project. Every year at this time my brain gets flooded with Christmas. I start envisioning wrapping paper with matching bows and humming Jingle Bells. This year is probably the worst yet.

Last year I didn’t get a chance to decorate for the holidays (we were visiting my sister). It has taken me years to gather up a few choice decor items and tree decorations, scouring the Post-Holiday sales, and now that my collection is near complete I can’t wait to set it all up. But we are still in need of stockings and I can’t wait to make up some. There’s a great pattern from Craft and Fabric Links that makes a nicely finished item (which is how I like my sewing projects to end up…eventually).

I’m almost finished with a great project that I can’t wait to share with you guys! If you are like me and you love:

a) more storage

b) upcycling old furniture

c) pretty things that you made yourself

than be sure to check by a little later and I’ll have a full tutorial up for you.

I’m SO excited to share.

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On the List: Redoing the Old and New

13 Jun

It’s going to be a shorter On the list post this week. Which is really a good thing isn’t it?

Guest blogger Abby Matthews did a post on Crafty Nest (one of my favorite blogs) awhile ago.  Ever since I’ve seen it I’ve been dying to refinish a piece of furniture, using wallpaper to add some graphic detail and colour. I’ve even got the perfect side table, banged up and longing for some love.

I recently ordered the Ultimate Embroidery Kit from Sublime Stitching. I love the spunk Jenny Hart has put into her company: a banner at the top of the website reads ‘This ain’t your gramma’s embroidery’. I think so many of the traditional crafts get overlooked because there hasn’t been anyone to freshen them up. Embroidery is one of the many (many) skills I want to learn and a  kit that includes all of the essentials makes it too easy. Now all I need to do is find the time.

I spotted this beauty on a One Pretty Thing (a favorite site of crafters everywhere) Round Up. It was the fabric that caught my eye at first but once I got over to Living with Punks Susan’s great tutorial for a reusable shopping bag had me hooked. I’ve got a ton of cloth grocery bags from different stores, all they do is clutter up my closet. What I need (want) is a nice set of them made to last in gorgeous fabric of my choosing (instead of being covered in obnoxious company logos).

A short post, but these projects are great ones. I can’t wait to get started.

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