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Show & Tell: Baby Shower Cupcakes

5 Jun

My very first Show & Tell.

I wish I had taken pictures in the earlier stages of this project. But as it is, here is the closest picture I have to the beginning of the creation of these darling little cupcakes.

This is what they looked like with just the basic ‘construction’ done. This is as far as I had gotten in my preliminary conceptualizing stage. These cupcakes were for a friend whose sister had created a very unique nursery theme, something between log cabin and woodland creatures. The bear, deer, fish and moon and stars were taken directly from pictures of the nursery. It’s hard to tell, but the squares the TYLER letters rest on have a fine woodgrain pattern and slight wainscoting texture, also to mimic elements of the nursery.

After I sat and stared at what I had I started to see what embellishments would work to tie it all together.

The next day I got to see the decorations in action after I had the cupcakes baked and frosted.

I had a huge attachment to Mr. Bear. He was by far my favorite and I was sad to see him go. But he had a duty to fulfil and I could not stand in the way of his destiny.

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