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On the List: Catching Up to Crocheting

19 Jul

Wooo Weee what a week it has been. I had a VERY large wedding cake to do and it completely took over all aspects of my life (and most of Luke’s). Cakes are one of those things…. they can be very stressful when you are in the middle of pounds of buttercream, but once they are all put together and delivered… magic.

My paper project got put on  hold, but that didn’t stop me from finding a few new projects to add to the list.

Cake Pops

So pretty much everyone in the universe knows about Bakerella’s Cake Pops. Most of us have found some time to make our own.

What can I say, I’m a little behind everyone else in this respect. But I have tons of cake scraps left from the wedding cake and enough icing that I’m going to attempt whipping up my very first batch. Now I just need to decide on how I want to decorate them…..

Wishpot for Organizing

I’ve talked about Creature Comfort’s Guide to Better Blogging before. Such an amazing series of posts to help out newer bloggers. In the most recent post Ez shares some of her own tips and tricks to stay organized.

I believe organizing is the only way to stay productive in any area of life (at least for me) and I’m excited to try out EZ’s recommendation of wishpot to keep track of all links and content that catch your eye.

Restoring a House in the City

Luke and I caught the author of Restoring a House in the City being featured on the local channel on our television quickly. We don’t have cable and seldom actually watch any random t.v. shows, but this one caught our eye.

Ingrid Abramovitch is a journalist who has worked with various publications, including Martha Stewart Living. Her new book, Restoring a House in the City is full of beautiful photos and  practical information on how to retrofit an old home while keeping and enhancing the character.

*sigh* I could spend hours dreaming of renovating an old Victorian home. I’m lucky enough to live in a city with a wealth of history, and no shortage of old homes that could use some love. Until the day comes when Luke and I can buy one and reclaim it for modern times I’m going to pick up this book and pour over it.

Crochet Chevron Blanket Pattern

As hard as I try to tell myself not to start up too many new things at once I have been seeing so many amazing crochet patterns around that I’m starting to catch the bug.

I love the look of this chevron blanket from Coats Crafts, it would look so simple and elegant in tone on tone or really eye popping in some bright contrasting colours.

I’m excited to be done that wedding cake and be able to move on to some other projects. Now maybe I can get around to that paper making!


On the List: Vintage Stitches & Stenciled Dishes

12 Jul

Oh the goodies I have found online this week! It’s an exciting mix and I’m going to get right to it.

Vintage Embroidery Pattern

I stumbled on this adorable pattern from doe-c-doe early in the week. My embroidery skills are still in their infancy and it’s cute little details like these that has me motivated to get to the next level. There is just something about vintage images that melt my heart.

Soap Making

I don’t know why but as soon as I realize something can be made from hand at home I can’t wait to dive right in. Judging from the popularity of all DIY topics I can tell its something a lot of us share.

When I saw this review of a book about making soap from Craft Critique I had to tell myself not to jump the gun. I just picked up a book on another hand made project (more about that later) and I have to tell myself, often, that you can only do so much at once. So making soap is now on the list.

Trick out Your Blog

I’m always on the look out for ways to improve Off the List. When I decided to start up a blog I knew there was a lot of work in store. I am now just starting to see that working on the blog’s appearance and layout is an on going thing.

My 3 Monsters did up a post with tons of advice and links for different aspects you can put into your blog to make it stand out and make a statement.

Using Martha Punches for Pillow Stencils

I’ve always been a bit of a Martha snob. I didn’t really GET why everyone was so excited about the whole Martha empire thing. Slowly I’m being converted to the dark side. I started peeking around The Crafts Department and came across a little post about stenciling. I didn’t find it all that exciting, same old information about using freezer paper, but then I saw these pillows.

Those punches are flipping expensive. Even when you pick them up on clearance. But they do have some amazing design and detail and now that I have another great use for them (other than just paper craft) I can justify spending the money a little easier.

They also have a little post about using the punches in a similar way to add very pretty details to glasses using etching cream. Such an easy way to dress up plain dishes!

A great week of crafty finds.

I had a little splurge shopping at Michael’s this week and Luke pointed out a whole section of clearance books. I picked up one on paper making. Its filled with a lot of detail information about the scientific aspects as well as pages and pages on the history of the ancient craft.

As much as the nerd in me loves reading that kind of stuff I’ll admit that I breezed past all of it the first time to get to the step-by-step process. I can’t describe how excited I am at the possibilities. I’ll have a full post up later to share all the info so be sure to check back!

Happy Sunday.

On the List: Learning and Yearning

4 Jul

Small Stitches Embroidery E-Book

I recently blog hopped onto polka & bloom blog. So pretty! I love everything about this blog, the colours, the layout, the amazing patterns (some are even free).

I just picked up an embroidery needle for the first time recently and I’ve got a long way to go. I want the Small Stitches Embroidery E-Book to help me get there.

I love the idea of E-Books. It’s great to get information online (being paper free and all) and I love that paying the modest $10.64 price helps to support an amazing crafts person who has taken their time to share their talent with the rest of us.

Sewing 101: Piping

I’m almost as new to sewing as I am to embroidery. I owe so much to the generosity of more experienced sewers. Almost everything I know has come from blogs. Here’s one of the next techniques that I’d like to get under my belt: Piping. Design Sponge has a great step-by-step (full of pics) on the topic.

Christmas Stockings

Once I’ve figured out how to do some embroidery and add a piping finish I might try use those techniques on this project. Every year at this time my brain gets flooded with Christmas. I start envisioning wrapping paper with matching bows and humming Jingle Bells. This year is probably the worst yet.

Last year I didn’t get a chance to decorate for the holidays (we were visiting my sister). It has taken me years to gather up a few choice decor items and tree decorations, scouring the Post-Holiday sales, and now that my collection is near complete I can’t wait to set it all up. But we are still in need of stockings and I can’t wait to make up some. There’s a great pattern from Craft and Fabric Links that makes a nicely finished item (which is how I like my sewing projects to end up…eventually).

I’m almost finished with a great project that I can’t wait to share with you guys! If you are like me and you love:

a) more storage

b) upcycling old furniture

c) pretty things that you made yourself

than be sure to check by a little later and I’ll have a full tutorial up for you.

I’m SO excited to share.

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On the List: Organizing and Embellishing

27 Jun

Wow summer always seems to fly by so quickly. July is going to be here very soon, and after that we are into August! I hope you guys are trying to squeeze every last drop of fun you can out of these few months. I know I’m doing my best.

I didn’t get much time to scour the blogsphere this week, but the time I did spend was well worth it. I found some amazing ideas and projects hidden in long ago posts by some great bloggers.

Omni Gel Transfer Door Knobs

First off *The Graphics Fairy* is an astounding blog to begin with; offering beautiful vintage graphics for free. I also discovered this great little project. She uses the process to make Vintage Bird Knobs. I might try something similar or use the technique in a totally different way. I’m not sure yet, but I can’t wait.

Ribbon Organizer

My craft supplies are growing. Quickly. I’ve heard this is one of the dangers of being a craft enthusiast. Before it gets too out of hand I’m going to start devising ways to organize it all. I found this tutorial from Centsational Girl from eons ago. It might be old to some, but it’s new to me! I have an old small book shelf unit that I’m going to convert into an organizing station for my ribbons and I’ll be stealing some of the ideas she so graciously shares here.

Paper Stars

I discovered a great blog the other day: The Magic Onion. While searching across all her fun projects I came across these paper stars. There arn’t enough exclamation marks in the world to convey how in love with these I am. I’ve already bought the perfect scrap book paper to make a whole bunch.  I can just imagine how great they would look around the house for Christmas, but I’m going to be using them to add some fun to my craft room in the mean time.

I’ve got a few other projects On the List that arn’t from fellow bloggers. The main one right now is trying to nail down Christmas present. I know it seems silly to be thinking that far ahead already. But the summer goes quickly, and once fall comes you can find yourself running out of time. Plus when you are making hand made presents its always best to make sure you’ll be done earlier, that way you can spend the holidays with your friends and loved ones instead of cooped up in your craft room, glue gun in hand.

I’m going to be putting together some vanilla extract for fellow bakers that are on my Christmas list. Look for a great tutorial on that later this week.

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On the List: Blogging Tips to Puppy Drips

20 Jun

I’ve got a wide variety of projects to add to the list this week. As I go into my third week of blogging I’m starting to wonder how I can make Off the List a little more legit and maybe (just maybe)  increase traffic. My second sewing project has me looking to learn professional tricks and techniques. And as always I’m looking for ways to minimize the mess and craziness of living in a household where the people are outnumbered by the pets two to one.

Build a Better Blog

Creature Comforts has an amazing blog series that recently started up that is all about how to build a better blog. Boy do I ever need the advice. And judging from the comments I’m not the only novice blogger that is worshiping the kindness of our more advanced counterparts. Marketing, Advertising, Domain Names… Who knew there was so much to it all?

Twitter Following and Followers

I joined Twitter…and that’s pretty much as far as I have gotten. I’m still trying to figure out how this social-network-mini-posting thing works. I need to hunker down and search around to see which of my favorite crafty bloggers have Twitter accounts I can follow, maybe I can even gain some of my own followers. I currently have two, one of which I’m fairly certain is the Twitter equivalent to spam.

Vintage Sign

Little Blue Boo posted a tutorial featuring an unexpected way to make a very genuine looking vintage sign.  I have a huge canvas left from a failed painting years ago that I couldn’t bring myself to throw out. Now Little Blue Boo have given me a reason to justify carting it around from place to place.

Finishing Touches for Garment Sewing

Sew, Mama, Sew! Is an amazing resource for any aspect of sewing. But I really appreciate this post about Finishing Touches. It’s these little tips and tricks that make me want to sew. I hate finishing a project only to step back at it and feel like its lacking something, there’s no finesse, it looks TOO homemade. I’ll be absorbing as many of these techniques as I can fill my brain with.

Vinyl Table Cloth Turned Drop Cloth

Larissa over at Just Another Day in Paradise shared a tutorial for a High Chair Drop Cloth. I love the idea, but havn’t any use for a high chair yet (one day). But I do need to protect my wood floors around my dog’s water dish. Mason and Roxy are incapable of not spilling half of the water they drink. Especially Roxy, must be something to do with the puppyness. So this is On the List to transform into a puppy mat.

Happy Sunday Everyone, I hope in the next week you find some time to cross a few things Off Your list.

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On the List: Redoing the Old and New

13 Jun

It’s going to be a shorter On the list post this week. Which is really a good thing isn’t it?

Guest blogger Abby Matthews did a post on Crafty Nest (one of my favorite blogs) awhile ago.  Ever since I’ve seen it I’ve been dying to refinish a piece of furniture, using wallpaper to add some graphic detail and colour. I’ve even got the perfect side table, banged up and longing for some love.

I recently ordered the Ultimate Embroidery Kit from Sublime Stitching. I love the spunk Jenny Hart has put into her company: a banner at the top of the website reads ‘This ain’t your gramma’s embroidery’. I think so many of the traditional crafts get overlooked because there hasn’t been anyone to freshen them up. Embroidery is one of the many (many) skills I want to learn and a  kit that includes all of the essentials makes it too easy. Now all I need to do is find the time.

I spotted this beauty on a One Pretty Thing (a favorite site of crafters everywhere) Round Up. It was the fabric that caught my eye at first but once I got over to Living with Punks Susan’s great tutorial for a reusable shopping bag had me hooked. I’ve got a ton of cloth grocery bags from different stores, all they do is clutter up my closet. What I need (want) is a nice set of them made to last in gorgeous fabric of my choosing (instead of being covered in obnoxious company logos).

A short post, but these projects are great ones. I can’t wait to get started.

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On the List: Knickers to Napkins

6 Jun

This week I finally finished the baskets for my niece’s birthday party. They are in the mail and (fingers crossed) should get there in time. Between those and the Bunting Banner and Party Hats, that is a huge chunk off the list.

Here are some great projects I’ve collected from across the blogworld that have been added to The List. I’m always amazed by the generosity of bloggers and awed by their creative talents.

I’ll warn you, once you click onto these blogs you can get lost for hours in all of the amazing posts and possibilities they present.


Cassie over at drummbellina has the cutest tutorial on how to make up your very own knickers. Honestly, I’d print this out just for the adorable illustrations.

Think of all the fun fabrics you could use to make unmentionables that fit you perfectly. You could even try some stenciling and add cute little details

Screen Printing with Mod Podge

I don’t know when and I don’t know how, but I will be finding a reason (excuse) to try out screen printing with Mod Podge.

It opens a whole world of embellishments that you can add to any sewing project. Amy’s spreading the love over at Mod Podge Rocks, and the enthusiasm is definitely catchy.

Toddler’s Laminated Project Apron

Sew4home has a overwhelmingly cute pattern and tutorial for a retro styled child’s apron.

I’ve been seeing laminated cotton all over the blogworld and I think this is my favorite application.

It’ll be perfect to help contain some of those messes my niece will be making in the name of creative discovery. Honestly… I kind of want one of my own.

Handmade Ties

Although Molly from the purl bee posted this tie pattern and tutorial specifically for Father’s Day, I won’t let that stop me. Luke has a few blah ties that I can’t wait to replace.

While you’re at the purl bee don’t stop at just this post, they have an amazing wealth of projects covering embroidery, crochet and sewing.

Linen Napkins

Penny from sewtakeahike spent a little with Anna at her blog Noodleheads and posted this great tutorial for linen napkins.

I hate using paper (throw away) napkins. I feel guilty every single time I tear one off the roll.

As soon as the fabric store sets up another sale I’m on my way to pick up some linen to finally get these (and my conscious) off the list.

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