On the List: Blogging Tips to Puppy Drips

20 Jun

I’ve got a wide variety of projects to add to the list this week. As I go into my third week of blogging I’m starting to wonder how I can make Off the List a little more legit and maybe (just maybe)  increase traffic. My second sewing project has me looking to learn professional tricks and techniques. And as always I’m looking for ways to minimize the mess and craziness of living in a household where the people are outnumbered by the pets two to one.

Build a Better Blog

Creature Comforts has an amazing blog series that recently started up that is all about how to build a better blog. Boy do I ever need the advice. And judging from the comments I’m not the only novice blogger that is worshiping the kindness of our more advanced counterparts. Marketing, Advertising, Domain Names… Who knew there was so much to it all?

Twitter Following and Followers

I joined Twitter…and that’s pretty much as far as I have gotten. I’m still trying to figure out how this social-network-mini-posting thing works. I need to hunker down and search around to see which of my favorite crafty bloggers have Twitter accounts I can follow, maybe I can even gain some of my own followers. I currently have two, one of which I’m fairly certain is the Twitter equivalent to spam.

Vintage Sign

Little Blue Boo posted a tutorial featuring an unexpected way to make a very genuine looking vintage sign.  I have a huge canvas left from a failed painting years ago that I couldn’t bring myself to throw out. Now Little Blue Boo have given me a reason to justify carting it around from place to place.

Finishing Touches for Garment Sewing

Sew, Mama, Sew! Is an amazing resource for any aspect of sewing. But I really appreciate this post about Finishing Touches. It’s these little tips and tricks that make me want to sew. I hate finishing a project only to step back at it and feel like its lacking something, there’s no finesse, it looks TOO homemade. I’ll be absorbing as many of these techniques as I can fill my brain with.

Vinyl Table Cloth Turned Drop Cloth

Larissa over at Just Another Day in Paradise shared a tutorial for a High Chair Drop Cloth. I love the idea, but havn’t any use for a high chair yet (one day). But I do need to protect my wood floors around my dog’s water dish. Mason and Roxy are incapable of not spilling half of the water they drink. Especially Roxy, must be something to do with the puppyness. So this is On the List to transform into a puppy mat.

Happy Sunday Everyone, I hope in the next week you find some time to cross a few things Off Your list.

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